Monday, April 2, 2012

We're Back!

Almost 5 days past since Caster.Fm taken down for a "quick" maintenance,
well it wasn't quick as we thought it would be, and not easy as well.
but eventually we got it all running...(running well).
however, we haven't finished yet and there are some minor things to be done.
we will continue to work on those things while meanwhile everything should work pretty fine.
in the meantime please report us about any issue/bug/error you encounterd at

 Now, to the main part of this email - THINGS WE ACTUALLY DONE:
- we've added couple of servers dedicated to Icecast services.
- as well as cloud server for all of our static content so pages load time now should
   be pretty fast.
- we've increased the network capability, so each of our servers now got  1 GigE dedicated port.
- updated our PHP engine and some other OS tweaks.

As for your radios:
- We've added a Status block Embed code (which you can find at your cp)
( see: )
- Player should now work with Iphone and any Android Phone (blackberry should work as well)
- increased the number of listeners to 200 (soon will be increased again)
- servers are going to be globally shut down every midnight )America/Chicago timezone - UTC/GMT -6 hours), but once turned on they will stay on until the next global shutdown even if idle.
- some minor changes to your radio pages.


Your server IP address and port have changed, please change your clients accordingly.
You may stream at 128Kbps without any problems now.
Your Podcasts has been removed due to a method reset.

Enjoy guys.