Sunday, January 2, 2011

Caster.Fm Was Down for two nightmare Days

As you may noticed Caster.Fm was down for two days (Thanks to some really crappy DNS Company).
After Long fight with our DNS Company we have managed to fix the problem and the DNS issues we are solved now thanks to our brilliant developers.
Caster.Fm is UP and RUNNING again.

Another Great announcement is that we have finished 95% of the Upgrade development
and as we declared will be upgraded at the End of January!!!!




  1. Nice to hear and upgrade can really make this site much more userfriendly and with more/better features more exiting as well!

    Think we still have to wait a couple of weeks though it's already 3th of feb here

  2. Well I've barely gotten a account here. But I already love it! Its free, Great quality, Just press play for the radio. Its amazing. Thanks for making it free. :D

    P.S. Best site I've used for an Internet radio.

  3. when is the upgrade arriving?

  4. C'mon update! we are waiting : P !!!

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