Saturday, July 10, 2010

Caster Beta is Now Open For Public!

So, after months of intensive development you could say we finished, Caster Beta Testing has Began.
Of course work is not over yet and never will end, but it is an important stage in the development of Caster.

You are invited to join the beta testing of Caster, to help us develop and test our advanced system,
And when the beta phase will end all of the participants will receive special privileges down the road.

To register for the Caster Beta you'll have to enter an invitation code, if you don't have an invitation code you can request one at The Invitations Requests Forum.

Please note: We expect all of the participants to report system glitches and bugs , Post it at our Bugs Report Forum.
We would also seek your general opinion about the Caster System,
tell us what we can improve or add to our service at The Suggestions And Features Requests Forum

Thank you very much for your patience,We promise it was worth it!
Enojy Being a Caster.